wenn Sie unter Palmen arbeiten wollen ist ein umsatzstarkes Online-Projekt mit Google Top-Positionen die beste Ausgangslage ...;-))

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Zitate amerikanischer Nutzer zur Software:


John Taylor


"Impressive content in the manual – I can’t stop reading it. The manual alone is worth the price of the software!"


Andrew Wroblewski


You have completely and totally outdone yourself with this product. With each and every use, I am totally amazed at what it can do: create QUALITY optimized web sites for hungry search engines right before my eyes. No Tricks, No Gimmicks. ALL Quality.
The ease of use and great instructions made this some of the most productive, informative, educational and exciting times I have put into my sites, ever! Thank you so much, my hat is off to you!"

He also added later:

"Just a quick update on the progress/success of the "spyware" site.
When I logged into AdvLogger this morning, I see we are receiving well over 100 UNIQUE visitors/day.
When I checked to see what keywords they have been using to find us, it shows just over 170 different search phrases!
All this with only the first 20 pages indexed."

Once his whole site was in Google, Andy wrote:

"Out of (145) keywords targeted, I have:

91 top (10) rankings
16 top (20) rankings"


Peter Crump - Terrific Treadmills

"I consider your software, as well as your excellent teaching materials, forum and your own support 100% responsible for the current success I have on the internet. Not to say that I am rich from it yet but I am extremely happy with the progress I have made and am sure that
I couldn't have done it on my own, especially as a beginner. I couldn't
recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to start some simple affiliate marketing and doesn't know how to go about it."


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